Mission & Values

Our Mission

Continuously coming up with new and better ideas by focusing on what consumers want, and working efficiently to improve our service.

Our Values

To serve as a customer's one-stop solution for all of their water needs. We want to offer a broad range of goods at deeply discounted costs for various consumer markets, from B2B to B2C.

Our Story

Agua is a technological business that deals with the distribution of drinking water in containers with its headquarters in India. We make water supply available to the most remote regions of the nation by linking distributors through our app, expanding the range of potential markets for vendors and distributors. It allows users to order 20-litre water jugs from brands like Bisleri, Bailley, and more than ten additional ISI-certified premium water brands.

You can plan the delivery time with your favourite booking location through the app, and Agua will deliver to your door within the following 24-48 hours of your booking.

Our Goal

The Goal of Agua is to deliver a hassle-free drinking water supply to your homes, offices, businesses, events, and other locations. The official Agua app, called “Agua India-Water Delivery App”, is available for download from the iOS and Android play stores. Agua India is a sustainable one stop solution for all water needs. As an aggregator platform, all water solutions from various available sources will be available in Agua.

Utilities such as gallon water, appliances related to the use of water, RO & purifiers, water tankers etc. Agua intends to bring forth the mobile application for a sustainable tomorrow where water that we drink is safe, hygienic and accessible to all. With groundbreaking services like water banks and water recycling, Agua aims to create a viable solution to ensure that the drinking water resources are sustained and preserved for the generations to come. Hence Agua can be considered an umbrella term, with features to solve the water crisis.